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Jeff Jenkins Photography is putting Lake County Landscape & Real Estate photography at your fingertips

“To the complaint, ‘There are no people in these photographs,’ I respond, There are always two people: the photographer and the viewer.”
― Ansel Adams

Welcome to Jeff Jenkins Photography! Lake Counties’ best source for Real Estate & Landscape photography. Jeff has been in the community for over 30 years and in the past 6 years has been the premier photographer for Real Estate in Lake County! He is an FAA-licensed drone pilot with 100’s of hours of commercial UAS flight experience. His Landscape art can be seen in businesses throughout Lake County such as various local magazines, business offices, hospitals, casinos, restaurants, and more.

January 6, 2020

Jeff Jenkins Photography – XtremewebpiX is really talented and captures great photos of Lake County’s natural treasures! We feature some of his work on our updated website 🙂

December 27, 2019

So beautiful, I live in the bay area myself, Love all your photos!

December 19, 2019

This deserves an award!

December 14, 2019

Thanks Jeff. You are gifted!

December 8, 2019

Gives me goosebumps! Job well done!

December 7, 2019

Jeff Jenkins hope you don’t mind that I shared these pictures. They are getting 100’s of likes!!

December 7, 2019

When we get caught up in our everyday lives we don’t see the beauty of Lakeport. Then we get a reminder…It’s BEAUTIFUL. THX FOR SHARING

December 7, 2019

Beautiful photos! I have never even imagined this night view!!!

December 6, 2019

Drove through town this evening and was saying how beautiful Main Street looked and you captured the beauty so well.

December 6, 2019

What beautiful pictures, you really captured the real beauty of Lakeport!

December 6, 2019

What beautiful pictures of Lakeport! Jeff Jenkins Photography – XtremewebpiX

September 20, 2019

He takes excellent real estate pictures!❣️

September 20, 2019

Beautiful work all around. Thank you for Real Estate photos of my place.

September 9, 2019

Exceptional work! Thank you!

September 6, 2019

Thanks I really needed to see a 🌈 rainbow right now🙏beautiful photography as always.

July 28, 2019

Beautiful photos. I love the lighting. You have a very handsome son!

July 28, 2019

Good work. This is who to go to for portraits!

July 9, 2019

The first one is my Favorite!!! Keep Up The Great Picture Taking!!! 🙂

June 19, 2019

Heartbreaking. Photos are spectacular as they capture the devastation accurately. I still see these imagines as summer season begins..

April 2, 2019

As a compulsive photographer of God’s sky art, I salute you. People often run down the quality of digital photography, but people who know what they are doing can take some damn good shots, and this is one.

March 31, 2019

That is a very amazing moment caught on your camera, kudos to you. It is stunning art !!! You should enter it in a photo contest. Love it !!❤️🌈❤️

March 22, 2019

Beautiful. How did you get that sky to match lol
Always nice to see your beautiful and unique photographs

February 16, 2019

He does not just take pretty pictures, he’s a true artist and very skilled !